Each of us walks our own unique journey in life. Motherhood is on path on this journey. Discover how to cultivate deep joy along your path.

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The Ultimate Buzz Kill

How well do you know your Voice of Comparison? Are you on a first name basis with her?If not, allow me to introduce you...Your Voice of Comparison (Ms. VoC I'll call her for the sake of this post) hangs out in the shadows, looking for ways to tell you how you stack … [Click to Continue...]

Winter Wellness Special

45% of Americans make New Year's resolutions.And a meager 8% of those folks are successful in fulfilling their resolutions.Whenever I see stats like this, it's the hidden numbers that I wonder about.Like, what's going on with the 37% who were unsuccessful in … [Click to Continue...]

When Your Pregnancy Story Unravels

Nine months ago I found out I was pregnant.However, nine months later I am not caressing soft newborn cheeks or kissing sweet baby feet.As you can probably guess, my pregnancy did not go as planned. I was 9 weeks pregnant when I found out that I was … [Click to Continue...]

The Gladiator in You

I can't tell you how many Gladiators I see in my counseling office."You mean the Olivia Pope kind?" you ask.Yes, my dear Scandal fans, exactly that kind!And while Quinn, Abby, and Olivia would make for exciting clients (Sorry Huck, I only serve women in my … [Click to Continue...]