Each of us walks our own unique journey in life. Motherhood is on path on this journey. Discover how to cultivate deep joy along your path.

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Soul Sister Spring Retreat

It's hard to believe that it's almost one year since we announced the birth of Soul Sister Retreats. Since then, we held our inaugural retreat in Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains in October. There were so many amazing moments at the Owning and Healing Your Story Fall … [Click to Continue...]

Soul Sister Fall Retreat

Hey Soul Sisters! While we’d love to say that we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes all spring and summer to roll out the Soul Sister Fall 2017 Retreat registration, the reality is that life came knocking at our doors sometime in April and hasn’t left our homes and … [Click to Continue...]

Pregnancy Loss: Breaking the Silence

Pregnancy loss. We all know it happens. Either it's part of your own story, or likely you know someone who survived one (or several). It actually happens more than we care to discuss. Pregnancy loss, or miscarriage, affects a 25% of women who have been pregnant by … [Click to Continue...]