Each of us walks our own unique journey in life. Motherhood is on path on this journey. Discover how to cultivate deep joy along your path.

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When Moms Dare to Be Heard

The conversation begins casually.You strike up a conversation with a fellow mom at the playground.You first notice her multitasking between entertaining her baby on the swing and responding to several "Mommy, watch me!" requests from her toddler-aged child.As you … [Click to Continue...]


What’s Love Got to Do with It?

How well-acquainted are you with loving yourself?For some, it can be a touchy subject. It's considered taboo to talk about how much you love yourself. Many of us were taught growing up that if you proclaimed too much love for yourself, you were in danger of being labeled as … [Click to Continue...]


When Life Hits Below the Belt

Fantasize with me for a minute...Imagine a day when everything falls into place with ease. You wake in the morning feeling well-rested, getting your kids up and dressed is a cinch, you accomplish everything you set out to do for the day, your kids clean up after themselves, … [Click to Continue...]


The Wisdom of Ice Cream

What if I said that taking care of yourself has a lot in common with Neapolitan ice cream?You might say "No way!" right?Right. And especially, if you're an ice cream lover like me!Well, think about the three layers of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry goodness when you … [Click to Continue...]


4 Simple Practices to Help You Stay Sane

Let's face it. We've all experienced those brutal days when it takes every. single. ounce. of energy flowing through our bodies to make it to bedtime. We put the kids in bed and it's then when we can punch out on the figurative time clock. Whether you work inside or outside … [Click to Continue...]